Being an employee to a large business can sometimes mean there is a distant relationship between you and your employer. But here at R&E Autos there is constant interaction between all levels of staff.

When you join the R&E team your not just an employee, but a member of a family business which is steadily growing through out Victoria.

We also believe in rewarding hard work and dedication by offering further career advancements and, when possible, running incentive programs within the business.

Here at R&E we strive for an enjoyable work environment because if you're not happy, we're not happy.

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Manager's Applicant's for these positions need to have the ability to lead, make decisions, and encourage their staff, among other managerial rolls.
Store Person's Applicant's need to have previous experience in the automotive trade, whether mechanically or behind a counter.
Driver's All applicants must have a valid drivers licence, and is preferred that the applicant can drive both manual and automatic vehicles.
Warehouse Personnel No prerequisites as such, however previous warehouse experience and a valid forklift licence is an advantage.
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